Football Tournament Held by: T.B.M.W.S.
May 5, 2014
Mission: Educate Every Child
May 7, 2014
According to a study, over 2 million children in India are homeless. They live in dangerous conditions and struggle with poverty and hunger daily. Help us to provide them a better future. Only ₹800 per month will ensure them to get nutritious meals and shelter and be sent to school.

Many children live under the open sky in most of the days of the year or under the temporary shelters, abandoned buildings, roadsides, and many other dangerous places. We have seen this many times and wanted to do something for them.
You can help them in many ways by donating us for them. Your one little donation will be a big impact on them by allowing them to live under a permanent and safe shelter and provide them a home forever …

A Better Living Place

We are providing support to 998 children across Aruranchal Predesh with regular life activities such as going to school, socialising, playing outdoors etc, all children were confined to their care homes 24×7. T.B.M.W.S ensured regular activities to keep children engaged, also provide them a safe and healthy environment.

If you donate a child will


  • Get a shelter to grow safe.
  • Get medication and healthcare.
  • Get education to build a better future.
  • Take a good sleep without danger.

Once you donate, we will send you the name and photo of the child you are supporting as well as periodic progress reports about them.

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