Mission: No Hungry Child
February 20, 2021
Our initiative towards “Girls Safety” was a major success. We have taken responsibility to protect girl student so we decided to build a hostel for them. This is a new Locally Sponsored Scheme launched in 2019-20 to set up a 60-bedded Girls’ Hostel. The Scheme has replaced the earlier NGO driven Scheme for construction and running of Girls’ Hostels for Students of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, under which assistance was provided to voluntary organisations for running Girls’ Hostels.

Our aim is to provide safe and suitable accommodation facilities for working women and girl students.
The main objective of the Scheme is to retain the girl child in secondary school so that girl students are not denied the opportunity to continue their study due to distance to school, parents’ financial affordability and other connected societal factors. Another objective of the Scheme is to make Secondary and Senior Secondary education accessible to a larger number of girl students …

It is proposed to construct one hostel with the capacity of 100 girls in backward blocks. Wherever there is space in T.B.M.W.S. compound, the hostels would preferably be constructed there. Such hostels would be under the administrative control of concerned T.B.M.W.S. Students passing out of T.B.M.W.S. will be given preference in admission in hostel. In case, there is no spare space in the T.B.M.W.S., the hostel may be constructed in the compound of a secondary/higher secondary school selected by the State/AP Government. The hostel will be under the administrative control of Mr. Topu Bui. However, students of neighbouring schools will also be eligible for staying in the hostel.

The minimum living space available to each inmate should be 40 sq. feet excluding kitchen, toilet and other common space. The buildings will be designed as earthquake resilient and will be fitted with basic fire safety equipment. Efforts will also be made to design the buildings with provision for solar energy generation, use of solar cooker and biogas.

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