Annual Report 2015-16

ANNUAL REPORT (2015-2016)


Arunachal Pradesh is a very rich in handloom and handicrafts. Each tribe has its own & distinctive products. All these are colorful and attractive. The people of this state are fond of handloom and handicraft work. The products are traditionally used by them as well as markets for earnings. The Topu Bui Multipurpose Welfare Society has organized a camp on handloom and handicraft with the help of some experts in order to motivate people to focus on quality and quantity of the products and thereby make a good earning out of the cottage industries. The camp evoked good response. The programmer incurred expenditure of Rs. 142514/-


Before the advent of modern medical treatment, people were solely dependent on medicinal properties of herbal plants. With the passage of time herbal treatment has become obsolete and its place has been occupied by allopathic medicines. But still now, a large number of tribal and non- tribal people have faith on herbal treatment. With the objective of popularizing this age old system, the Society launched a campaign for cultivation and propagation of medicinal plants. As more and more and more pharmaceutical companies are procuring rare plants with medicinal value, the demand for herbal plants is very high. Therefore, form the economic point of view, also cultivation of these plants is profitable. The society encourages the people to cultivate rare medicinal plants. The resource personnel explained the properties of a number of locally available medicinal plants and the method of cultivation of the same. The campaign was appreciated by the people. The Society incurred expenditure of Rs 233691/- for the campaign.


Adequate medical facilities are not available in all parts of the District, particularly in remote areas, besides being costly Primary Health Centers are unable to cater to the needs of all people. A large section of poor people from rural as well as urban areas needs of all people. A large section of poor people from rural as well as urban areas are unable to afford the high costs of treatment. Keeping this in mind, the society conducted a free medical camp at Gussar Circle with the co-operation of local doctors. People from nearby villages, mostly poor came to the camp for check-up and treatment including medicines free of cost. More than 100 patients including old and children suffering from various ailments received treatment and medicines. The society incurred expenditure of Rs126940/- toward the camp.


Arunachal Pradesh is very rich in bamboos. Various species of bamboo are found in abundance in all parts of the state. Rural people heavily depend on bamboo in various uses like construction of houses, fencing, furniture, baskets etc. this, together with its use raw material in paper industries have caused rapid decaying of all verities of bamboo, which is matter of concern. Keeping this on mind, the society launched a programme for plantation of bamboos. Under the programme, the society visited a number of villages and motivated the villagers to plants different species of bamboos on private land, wasteland and community land. Free saplings were distributed for planting. An expenditure of Rs 129746/- was incurred for the purpose.