Our impact


T.B.M.W.S. founded in 2015, has taken many big and small initiatives to provide shelter, education, employment and food.

To provide

selfless service to the people and bring oneness among all the section of tribal of the state and to foster harmony fraternity, well being oneness peace and prosperity among the people.

To render

service for the welfare of the people, especially women, children, youths, old age of the economic, moral education, health and social development.

To preserve

and project the rich traditional culture of the society, improve living standard of life of rural peoples of the society and Modernization of living standard.

T.B.M.W.S. is continuously increasing its service area in Arunanchal Pradesh as well as outside of the state.

To co-operate

with Govt. for all round development, maintain peace and tranquility without political interference, encourage learning Computer, education, Games & Sports and establish educational institution, etc.

To provide

and facilitate programs such as family welfare, non-formal adult education, sanitation, housing drinking water, etc. for the welfare of the people including provision for the Hospital and Health Care.

To Promote

Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Forest Plantation and Industries based on them including food Processing warehousing, cold storage, food parks and other allied activities.

A provision for social forestry for environment development and maintenance of ecological balances in Arunachal Pradesh.

To facilitate

for the economic revitalization of the rural, especially the poor farmers, window, orphans and land less laborers with creation of Community Halls, working women hostels, old age, homes, Orphans age, etc.

To undertake

pollution control projects, energy and soil conservation, wastelands improvements, water management, and people education is science and technology in lines with modern livings.

To establish

cattle rearing centers for milk and beef, cattle farm, ducker, piggery, fishery, tea, coffee, cash crop cultivation, medicine, aromatic plants and poultry including arrangement for marketing of these products within and outside the state.